I suppose my first blog entry should be about the meaning behind the title of “Don’t Paddle Into The Vortex”

The origin of this title dates back to a trip to Disney World in the summer of 1998.  I honestly, for the life of me, cannot think of any pictures that I took during that trip, or else I would post one here.  The title came from us waiting in line for the virtual reality raft ride in DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney (I believe this ride no longer exists – which makes me sad).  The ride basically consisted of the four of us (me, my mother, my sister and my best friend) sitting in an inflatable raft, in front of a giant screen with paddles and we had to “paddle” our way through this virtual reality water ride on our screen.  And the raft would dip, turn, fall and twist around it and we had to swerve our way through it with the paddles.  Now waiting in line… you could see everyone else’s attempt to survive this virtual reality raft experience.  It was cool and neat and I was excited as all hell to try it.  But one thing bothered me about it – when the people all sat down to start the simulation, the screen would enter a “wormhole” of sorts that would bring them to their destination – what bothered me was that people started to paddle… AS THEY WENT INTO THE VORTEX.  And it would honestly amuse the shit out of me – why are all you people paddling?!?!!?  YOU HAVE NO CONTROL HERE!!  So it became a running gag to joke around us – DON’T PADDLE INTO THE VORTEX.  It just stuck with me to this day, and I believe now’s a good time as any to use it as a title to my blog.

Oh yeah… and i made sure everyone in our boat DID NOT PADDLE while going through the vortex (I think I held on to everyone’s paddle).

Oh and my friend’s paddle got stuck in some string attachment on the floor or something and she couldn’t hold the paddle to row her side which caused my mother to start hysterically laughing on the other side and I think we all virtually drowned like a few times because of that.




3 thoughts on “Hello 2013

    • Roe!! It’s still there?!!? GET OUT!! OMG I thought for some odd reason they replaced that part with the Aladdin Magic Carpet rides! That is awesome. I wanna go back there now and ride it again!! LOL.

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