One thing that will mostly inundate this blog is about the movies.

I’m pretty much a movie geek (in the highest sense of the word).

The movies entertain me more than anything else in life.

And I’ve been watching and enjoying the movies ever since I was a little kid.

You may find it hard to believe but the movies taught me alot about life lessons. And that’s probably THE reason why I live for it.  I’m sure it has affected you as well in your life, you just didn’t know that it has because a certain movie showed something, that that is why you do it in everyday existence.  It is the understanding that if the mind sees something and one finds enjoyment in it, the mind will follow and imitate it, to relive that enjoyment.

Sorry didn’t meant to go all Freud there or some shit, but I hope you get the idea.

I was the kid in Cinema Paradiso that lives in the movie theater and in a sense…

I still am.

Now though my enjoyment in movies has somewhat been skewed.  My viewing of films has become more technical, more in the understanding of how it all works before my enjoyment of it kicks in.  Think of it as seeing something you find enjoyable and wanting to know for yourself WHY you enjoy it.

That’s how I see my movies now, I nitpick them for the sole reason of answering the question WHY.

And then, in the end, when the last of the credits is shown and the lights go back up in the theater, I am profoundly grateful for the time spent – whether it be good, bad or (most likely) somewhere in between.

So  I hope you enjoy my musings on films.  And my sincere apologies for the horrifying grammar and writing etiquette I’m probably going to slice and dice in the process.



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