Yeah I got two… WHAT YOU GOT!?

So this morning’s nominations had me wanting to post something of a gut reaction to what went down.  Alot of surprises came up from having the cut-off date be shorter than the previous years and for that I am grateful and a little bummed.  Grateful because there are some really great surprises in there that makes me happy that its not following the norm of the constant and predictable swell that is awards season.  But also bummed because, quite frankly, when a truckload of awards are given to say one film… you kinda have to realize, hey that movie MUST be good.  And for it to not be recognized by the top dog, makes me sad a bit.  Oscar this year went more emotional than technical – but then you realize, Oscar’s always leaned towards the emotional aspect of filmmaking rather than the technical and distant. So here are my thoughts on some surprises.

1. Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck get snubbed in director.

This one hurt me the most, as I believe these two people had the greatest chance to get a nomination and seeing them nominated today would’ve made me very very happy.  Bigelow because she directed probably the greatest film of 2012 in Zero Dark Thirty (more on that as my best of movies rolls on in a few days) and Affleck because he did an AMAZING job with Argo and has been consistently been doing great work behind the camera (his achievements in The Town and Gone Baby Gone along with his best in Argo just shows that his talents lie best behind the scenes). And not to take away from the two directors that most likely took away their nominations, Benh Zeitlin and Michael Haneke, I’m sure they did great work in their films, but this just proves my point in that both their movies (Beasts of The Southern Wild and Amour) that Oscar went emotional more than anything else this year.  And as GREAT as both Argo and Zero Dark Thirty got noms in Best Picture, it makes me a little sad inside that without their respective directing nominations, their chances of winning are very much diminished – and that’s just wrong.

2. Stephen Chbosky gets snubbed in best adapted screenplay

This one got to me as well, as the writer of his own book who then adapted it into his own film didn’t even get a nomination.  The Perks of Being A Wallflower is one truly cherished movie in its own right and for it to not even get a nomination in the writing, where it excelled it in the most, made me die a little inside.  It’s such a brilliant piece of writing that to not even recognize it with a nomination is heartbreaking.

3. Frankenweenie for Best Animated Feature

I’m not knocking this nomination, but just the slight realization that Tim Burton may FINALLY, FINALLY, win an Oscar.  This makes me extremely happy inside, even though I have not seen Frankenweenie.

I’m sure there are some others, but I’m tired and its already late.  I’m sure I’ll blog more about the oscars once the Globes glad hand their awards this Sunday.

And yeah… I’ll blog my picks eventually…


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