So word is out that Disney’s Aladdin is going to be the new musical on Broadway.  To which I say… why didn’t they do this sooner?  Aladdin was HUGE for Disney back then and made huge amounts of money riding off the extreme high from Beauty and The Beast.  And you have to give Aladdin all the credit in the world for bringing The Lion King to stratospheric heights that summer. the summer of 1994 (If memory serves, Aladdin was the top selling VHS film of 1994 1993). So of course an Aladdin musical had to happen on Broadway.  And if they can make gazelles leap on the stage, they can make a flying carpet flow through it as well.

So assume that perhaps the set designs will all be cribbed from the Disney Cruise Line’s version of the show, except a hundred times bigger with a budget a thousand times greater and you’ve got one hell of a show.

Now the cast… Smerdle and I have decided this should be the cast for this show.  Thus making this the MOST EXPENSIVE PRODUCTION IN BROADWAY HISTORY.

Mind you… if this cast actually happens, we will shoot ourselves out of pure disgust at whatthefuck Disney was thinking at throwing money to these people.

This cast will NOT HAPPEN, but I’d like to think I would pay money to see this cast on stage just once, because it amuses the living shit out of me.

Also I am taking into account that they will include bits of Aladdin 2 and 3, so father and mother will be there as well.

And… behold:

Aladdin – Nathan Lane

The Peddler/Genie – Hugh Jackman

Jasmine – Idina Menzel

Yago – Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit (in a costume with two heads – making it the most expensive costume in all of Broadway history, fuck you Sunset Boulevard!)

Carpet – Kristen Chenoweth (:cackle:)

Abu – Andrew Rannells (I. can’t. even. keep. a. straight. face. while. typing. that.)

Sultan – Norbert Leo Butz

Jafar – Alan Cumming

Aladdin’s mother – Patti Lupone

Aladdin’s father – Stephen Lynch

Cave of Wonders – Matthew Rhys

Rajah – Andy Karl

There you go!  Book your tickets now!  This will sell out its initial run!

(And yes..I’m kinda regretting and looking at complete disgust at the fact that I just cast Nathan Lane as Aladdin – THAT IS SO FUCKED UP!)


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